The best motto for moms to live by: you can never be too prepared.

With children, the list of life’s “what-ifs” can seem never-ending. Accidents, spills, spit-up, hunger, boo-boos…and that’s just the start! Luckily, diaper bags make planning ahead a bit easier. Any mom or dad can cram all the essentials into the bag, pack it in the car, and be ready for anything the day wants to throw at them.

But what are the essentials to have in a diaper bag? To new parents, packing the first diaper bag can be a daunting task. How many toys should I pack? Do I need three extra onesies? Will I even be able to carry the bag once it’s all packed?

Don’t stress! We’ve compiled a list of the basics every parent should have in the diaper bag for a busy day on-the-go. Diaper Bag 101, if you will. Stick with this list and you’ll be prepared for any situation with your little ones!

1.    Diapers – that’s a no-brainer!
Diapers are must-haves in any diaper bag. Whether your little one is 2 months or 2 years old, you won’t want to be caught without a clean diaper—or four! If you’re going to be out of the house for an extended period of time, throw in a few extras on top. Clean babies are happy babies.

2.    Wipes
Wipes are a package deal with those diapers. Don’t leave your house without at least a half-full pack of baby wipes. Not only are explosive diapers a real risk, so are runny noses and messy hands. You can’t go wrong with having extra wipes on hand!

3.    Cream
That includes A&D for baby’s bottom and regular lotion, too! Because, you just never know.

4.    Burp cloth
Save your shirt! Pack a couple burp cloths for those messy – sometimes unexpected – baby burps.

5.    Pacifiers (if that’s your baby’s cup of tea)
Keep a couple extra pacifiers in a plastic bag. It’ll keep them clean and easy to find when baby is unhappy.

6.    Tissues
Sneezes happen and sometimes, they’re not a pretty site. Achoo!

7.    Blanket
You can’t go wrong with tucking a small baby blanket in the diaper bag. It will come in very handy for a diaper change, sudden chilly breeze, or just a cuddle buddy for that car seat nap.

8.    A Change of clothes…or two!
You’re at the park and your little one falls in a mud puddle. We’ve all been there. But don’t worry – playtime doesn’t have to stop! Make sure to pack a change of clothes in that diaper bag and you’ll be all set.

9.    A Change of clothes…for Mommy too!
For spills, spit-up, mud, and everything in between.

10.    Sun Hat & Sunscreen
We all love that summer sun but protecting baby’s head is very important. Have a hat packed for those not-so-cloudy days. If it’s a beach or park day – be sure to pack sunscreen too!

11.    Extra plastic bags
Have these on hand for that stinky diaper or muddy clothes. Easy transport back home and it’ll keep your cute diaper bag clean too.

12.    Baby’s Favorites
It’s a good idea to have a small collection of your little one’s favorite toys for emergency entertainment. In the car, at the doctor’s office, in the grocery aisle – you name it!

13.    Bib(s)
No matter baby’s age, packing a bib or two will always be helpful! Keep baby clean during snack time or protect that new onesie from the stream of drool. If the bib gets super messy, just toss it in the plastic bag you packed to be washed later at home. Quick and easy!

14.    Snacks
Whether that means a jar or two of baby food or some Cheerios, don’t ever leave home without a snack for your little one. Hunger strikes at unpredictable times and you need to be ready.

15.    Bandaids/First aid
Boo-boos can happen anywhere. Have a stash of bandaids and vitamin-E ointment at the ready.

16.    Hand Sanitizer
For those messy, germy moments.

17.    Emergency Contact Information
Although emergency numbers are already programmed into your phone, it’s a good idea to have them in your diaper bag too, just in case! Fill out a small index card with your baby’s doctor(s), emergency contact, health information, etc. and tuck it into a side pocket. It doesn’t take much time and it could prove to be very useful in an unforeseen situation.

18.    Bottle of water
A bottle of water is an essential in any diaper bag. For drinking and even cleaning or washing, you will always be glad you packed it!

19.    Bottle or sippy cup with baby’s favorite drink
Another no-brainer. Your little ones will need a drink – especially if it’s a summer playdate! Make sure you pack a bottle or sippy cup to keep baby happy during your busy day.

20.    FizzWizz Cleaning Tablets & Wipes
For those empty, dirty bottles and sippy cups. FizzWizz can be used wherever and whenever, giving baby a clean bottle or sippy and mom peace of mind!

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