4 Unquestionable Reasons to use FizzWizz

Before we start off this blog post, and you read further… a question.

Ever had to throw out a new bottle because of the smells that wouldn’t stop coming out ?

That’s like asking if you’ve seen the sun rise, and set.

Of course you have.

Well, we can definitely relate.

As moms ourselves, there’s frankly nothing more frustrating, and that’s why we came up with FizzWizz Tablets.

You might be unsure of trying out something new to you. The fact is, we were too. (Ask the countless others moms that have tried and reviewed FizzWizz, if you won’t take it from us)

There are multiple reasons that FizzWizz tablets and wipes are a great choice.

No we don’t JUST mean the fact that we’re pediatrician approved and completely brushless…. yes, there’s even more.

If you’ve got a few minutes to ensure your little ones don’t run the risk of being exposed to icky diseases like Hepatitis A (we’ll take about this in a second)… then..

Read on.

Created by Moms who understand “Mom” issues:

Our co-founders Layla and Sana are moms of kids themselves and therefore know exactly what struggles we face as moms.

Who knows how many hours they’ve both spent cleaning up baby bottle? The answer?  Probably too many to count, that’s for sure.

Through their experiences, they first understood the daily issues we have to juggle, as well the need to save time… and well, BOTTLES and SIPPY CUPS!

Give us a Yay if you can relate! 😀

I must say I’ve gone through many cleaning products myself- in search of the perfect one- but one of my favorite things about FizzWizz is the ability to use them whenever and wherever.

I currently have them by my kitchen sink, in the glove compartment box in the car, in my diaper bag- and at times, I’ve fit the entire bottle in my pocket! (small bottle, big punch)

Go against dirty bottles and sippy cups :

Recently we came across a very surprising statistic. (well, we’d done our research beforehand. But if you aren’t research crazy like us … this may surprise you)

60% of germs found in water bottles could make you sick.

In actual fact… by not cleaning your baby’s bottle immediately and regularly you may risk exposing them to evils like Hepatitis A or Rotavirus.

Of course, the worst thing being that many of these icky germs can survive for weeks.

Yup, weeks.


I’m sure you can start to see how prompt and proper cleaning is essential to your babies health.

Well, if that wasn’t already obvious.

Works for Sippy Cups, Pacifiers and just about anything else your baby puts in his or her mouth:

Now you might be thinking..

Okay I get FizzWizz Tablets, are great for cleaning out sippy cups and bottles.. what about pacifiers and baby toys?”

Four words for you if you are… FizzWizz does that too! 

FizzWizz Wipes – 100% All-Natural :

Unlike most pacifier wipes, FizzWizz wipes are 100% All–Natural, Hypoallergenic, alcohol free, gently cleansing and biodegradable.

Yes, in other words, nothing takes cares of your babies bottles in a less abrasive way.

Most wipes on the other hand, use preservatives that are synthetic and petro based.

Now forgive us if we’re biased, but that doesn’t sound like the best thing ever.

Our wipes act as a perfect compliment to our tablets, and can be used to clean the exterior of any bottle, nipple or pacifier.

In other words, a dream team for both you and your little one.

With FizzWizz, you’ve got all areas covered.

To sum up

Our little ones are the most important human beings in our lives, and their safety and health comes first..

Especially when it’s to do with anything avoidable.

    • Created by Moms who understand the need for cleanliness as well as convenience
    • Specifically formulated to target milk, juice, saliva and germs
    • 100% All-Natural
  • SLS Free, Phosphate free and Sulfate free
  • Suitable for just about anything your baby puts in his or her mouth
  • No chemical smells left behind!

It’s practically a no brainer.

If you’d like to see what other moms just like you thought about FizzWizz, and it’s ease of use… check some FizzWizz Reviews out here.

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