Pacifiers. Binkies. Mickies. Pacies. They have many different names…but one thing in common: they are dropped more than a hot potato! It’s understandable, of course. When our little ones get excited, they can’t always laugh and keep the pacifier in place at the same time. It’s pretty tricky! In your home, it’s not a huge concern. If baby’s pacifier falls in the living room or on the kitchen floor, most parents look to the Five Second Rule for support. You know the drill…wipe it off or, in the worst case scenario that it falls near (or on) the dog, rinse it in the sink. It’s back in baby’s mouth in no time at all. Super simple.

But what happens when you’re not in the comfort of your own home? Parents, you know what we mean. The grocery store, the sidewalk, the doctor’s office, the parking lot…pacifiers can be dropped just about anywhere. That means germs, and lots of them. Do you simply wipe it off and give it back to your little one? Do you use your own spit to clean it? Should you tuck it in the diaper bag and keep it out of baby’s mouth until you’re home to clean it? But what if you didn’t pack a spare? Ugh. A dropped pacifier can be a bit of a nightmare.

We’re here for you. Check out our pacifier cleaning tips below to make your life a little easier!

  1. Before the First Use

You have a brand new binky for your little one. After you take it out of the packaging, wash it with gentle soap and hot water. Be sure to rinse it well! According to Baby Center, you can also consider boiling the new pacifier for 3-5 minutes before the first use. This will get rid of any chemical residue that may be lurking in the crevices. After the boil, you can rinse it in warm, soapy water. Your baby will have a clean paci, you can be sure of that!

  1. Occasional At-Home Cleaning

We know how busy your little ones are throughout the day. And their pacifiers go with them! At least once a week, you should gather the binkies for a good cleaning. Silicone pacifiers can be cleaned in the dishwasher (I like to use the top rack or the silverware basket). That’s easy! Latex pacifiers, however, typically aren’t dishwasher-safe. Be sure to check the label on your pacifiers to know for sure. If you don’t want to take the dishwasher risk, you can soak the pacifiers in warm, soapy water. What to Expect also suggests soaking the pacifiers in a solution of white vinegar and water for a few minutes. It will prevent fungus and clear out any germs that may like to linger. Always be sure to rinse well and air-dry to guarantee a complete clean.

  1. On-The-Go Cleaning

So your baby has dropped the pacifier on the floor of the public library. The tears start as you frantically dig through your diaper bag for the spare…which you realize is sitting on your kitchen counter. We’ve all been there. FizzWizz Wipes are in your corner. They are safe, non-toxic, and have a gentle chamomile scent. Best of all – they eliminate those pesky germs with very little effort! So next time that pacifier ends up on a public floor, don’t think twice. Wipe it down with a FizzWizz Wipe and your baby will be a happy little camper.


It’s not always easy being a well-prepared mama or daddy. Sometimes, it’s all you can do to get the little ones in the car. We’ve thrown a lot at you – so we’re here to help you remember it all. Check out our past Diaper Bag 101 blog to check off all the essentials you need to pack for a day out with your munchkins…that includes the pacifiers, FizzWizz Wipes, and everything in between!

Happy parenting!

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