It’s a common enough scenario – you’re at the park and you’ve just finished your last bottle of formula, but you’re not ready to go home yet. You just tuck the bottle into the stroller basket and figure you’ll rinse it out when you get home… which could be hours later, assuming you don’t forget about it for days.

But how bad is this habit? Is this causing any harm to what your baby eats or drinks later on? Let’s talk about the risks that can come with a less-than-pristine bottle.


It’s the danger you constantly warn your kids against; “wash your hands to get rid of germs”, “rinse your toy to keep germs outside”, “cover your mouth so your sister doesn’t get your germs”. But what about the germs the adults let through?

By not cleaning your baby’s bottle immediately and regularly, you may risk exposing them to evils like hepatitis A or rotovirus; these germs can even survive for weeks, so prompt and proper cleaning is vital for your baby’s health.


Bacteria can form from something as simple as cross-contamination while preparing dinner, so extra caution should be taken to prevent food-borne illness in your baby when it comes to their mealtime. If your bottle has come into contact with several substances, then it’s extra important to provide a thorough cleaning in between uses. Improper cleaning could result in unpleasant food poisoning, and should be dealt with using a cleaning aid such as FizzWizz Cleaning Tablets instead of straight water, which won’t wash away unwanted baddies.


A nasty intestinal infection that can cause diarrhea, cramping, and vomiting, it’s safe to say you want to avoid this one. All it takes is for one nearby infected person to touch or cough on your baby’s bottle nipple, and this basic virus in adults can turn into something fatal for your baby. Try using FizzWizz Surface Wipes to clean bottle nipples before and after use to reduce the risk of any infection.

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